ObedienceThere is nothing more satisfying than sharing your life with a well-trained canine companion. Reaching that goal is attainable and takes time, commitment and consistency and whether your dog is a puppy or a mature dog training will assist you in sharing a special relationship where your dog is a pleasure to have by your side, whether at home or in a social situation.

The day your puppy or more mature dog comes into your home is the day the dog starts to learn the rules by which you expect him to live. He will need to get out and meet the world with all its noises and movements and this can start at 8-12 weeks attending Puppy Pre School which is often run by a Vet Clinic. The next step is to register at your local dog training club in the NT. Puppies can be registered at training clubs when they have received their final vaccinations usually at approximately 12 – 16 weeks.

DogsNT Club Instructors are trained to teach you to train your dog. This is the beginning of a special partnership you and your dog will share and build upon while learning to work as a team. Your puppy will learn to walk on lead without pulling, to sit, stay, drop and stand using voice and hand signals and the very important command, to come when called. As you and your dog gain confidence and learn new skills you will progress through the classes building on those skills already acquired. Once you and your dog are working well together there are other avenues where you can continue to develop skills and learn more and be introduced to the world of Obedience and Rally trialling. 

Whether your dog is a puppy or a more mature dog, has a Pedigree, is a rescue dog, or is a crossbreed the basic training he will receive at the DogsNT Obedience Clubs will enable you and your dog to get ready to enter the world of Obedience and Rally trialling. To enter these competitions you need a trained dog that is registered with an ANKC controlling body, and in the Northern Territory that is DogsNT. Your dog will be registered on either the Main Register, Limit Register or Associate Register. You also need to become a member of DogsNT if you wish to compete.

Please be warned that Obedience and Rally training and trialling will open up a wondrous new world for you and your dog. Some people newly introduced to the world of Obedience find trialling quite addictive and each weekend people head off with their dogs to compete in Obedience and Rally, and along the way, they will form lifelong friendships with like-minded dog-loving people. Often people go on to find other avenues in which they can compete with their dog, but no matter which dog sport you choose, Obedience is the key and is the basis of all training to have control over your dog.

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