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 NACA Event Results 2009

Date Event Affiliate Contact Proposed Judge/s Proposed Closing Date
or Results Link
26 Jan CH DLKC Steve Russell Mrs R Ralphs (N) results
07 Feb CH DogsNT Helen Drummond Mr A Kazmierski (Pol) results
14 Mar CH DABKCMeghann Ripper Ms E Davies (N) results
21 Mar CH/CH ASKC website
Mrs D Besoff (N)
Mr R Besoff (N)
22 Mar RT PGC Carmen Thomas Mr T Rees (NT) closed
03 Apr OT ASODC Sue Bain Mrs M Bongiorno (NT) results
04 Apr AG/JD ASODC Sue Bain Mrs M Bongiorno (NT)results
04 AprCHDLKCAlison SmithMr W Egan (S)results
17 AprOTDODCTrial ManagerMrs G Page (NT) results
18 AprAGDODCTrial ManagerMrs D Sellwood - AG
Mr R Van der Velde - JD
19 AprRTPGCTrial ManagerMrs C Sinclair (NT)closed
24 AprOTFPPDTwebsiteMs M Yerbury (N) results
25 AprAG/JDFPPDTwebsiteMs M Yerbury (N) results
25 AprCHSDHCMargaret DoyleMrs M Markotany (N)results
26 AprOTFPPDTwebsiteMs M Yerbury (N) results
02 MayCH/CHASKCErika WhiteheadMr W Godfrey (S)
Ms E Parker (S)
03 MayCHASKCErika WhiteheadMr A Reading (S)results
08 MayOTFPPDTTrial ManagerMrs G Page (NT)results
09 MayAG/GamesFPPDTTrial ManagerMr E Szmelter (N)results
results - Games
09 MayCHDABKCMandy HammettMrs J Gotch (N)results
10 MayRTPGCCarmen SinclairMr T Rees (NT)closed
10 MayJD/GamesFPPDTwebsiteMr E Szmelter (N) results
results - Games
15 MayOTASODCSue BainMrs G Page (NT)results
16 MayOTASODCSue BainMrs G Page (NT)results
16 MayAG/JDASODCSue BainMrs G Page (NT)results
17 MayAG/JDASODCSue BainMrs G Page (NT)results
23 MayCH/CHDLKCAmie WhiteMr N Gouzos (S)
Mrs A Lane (V)
31 MayGWTPGCCarmen SinclairMr T Rees (NT)closed
31 MayOTPGCMerrilyn Robb Mrs C Sinclair (NT)closed
05 JunOTDODCTrial ManagerMr L Knauth (Q) results
06 JunOT/AGDODCTrial ManagerMr L Knauth (Q) results - obedience
results - agility
07 JunAGDODCTrial ManagerMr L Knauth (Q)results
07 JunRTPGCTom Rees Mrs C Sinclair (NT)closed
13 JunCH (Spec)HCNTMarlene WattMr D Mahoney (N)results
13-14 JunAG/JD/GamesFPPDTwebsiteDr L Hammer  (N) results - 13th
results - 14th
20 JunCH/CHSDHCPauline Halse 
Charlene Chalmers 
Mrs C Roberts (N)
Mr J Sheppard (N)
27 JunAGFPPDTwebsite
Mrs D Sellwood (NT)results
28 Jun JDFPPDTwebsiteMrs D Sellwood (NT)results
03 JulAGCASSSue BainMr R Dwyer (ACT)closed
03 JulCHCASSSue BainMrs M McArdle (W)closed
03 JulCHASKCErica WhiteheadDr G Cowie (N)results
04 JulCHASKCErica WhiteheadMr W Chambers (Q)results
04 JulCHASKCErica WhiteheadMs P Suhr (N)results
04 JulAGASODCSue BainMr R Dwyer (ACT)closed
04 JulOTCASSSue BainMr R Dwyer (ACT)closed
05 JulCHASKCErica WhiteheadMr A Burt (V)results
05 JulOTASODCSue BainMr R Dwyer (ACT)closed
10 JulCHTCDSSErica WhiteheadMrs M Watson (W)results
11 JulCHTCDSSErica WhiteheadMrs P Campbell (W)results
11 JulOTFPPDTwebsiteMs J Kaldor (N)results
12 JulGamesFPPDTwebsiteMs J Kaldor (N)results
14 JulOTFPPDTwebsiteMs J Kaldor (N)results
18 JulCHDogsNTMarlene WattMrs V Spence (Q) vice Mrs J Edwards (Q)results
18 JulCHDogsNTHelen DrummondMrs W Slatyer (N)results
18 JulAGFPPDTwebsiteMs J Kaldor (N)results
19 JulAGFPPDTwebsiteMs J Kaldor (N)results
23-25 JulCH/OT/AG/JDRASNTShow: Susie Ripper
Trial: Gloria Page 
Mr FN Dewsbury (Can) vice Mrs J Steinbock (Israel)
Mr C Makepeace (V)
results - show
results - jumping
results - obedience
results - agility
26 JulRTPGCCarmen SinclairMr T Rees (NT)closed
26 JulCH (Spec)PGCShow ManagerMr G Browne (V) vice Ms E Langham-Goodwin (T)results
31 JulBOTG/COTRCECarol SmithMr R Dawson (Philippines)
Mr M Camac (S)
Mrs K Finlayson (NZ)
01 AugCH/CHCECarol SmithThree judges as per aboveresults
02 AugCHCECarol SmithThree judges as per aboveresults
07 AugOTFPPDTwebsiteMs A Twaddle (S) results
08 AugOTFPPDTwebsiteMs A Twaddle (S) results
08 AugCH/CHASKCBelinda Mitchell Ms A Lane (V)
Mrs S Mashford (V)
21 AugOTFPPDTwebsiteMr M Vigor (S) results
22 AugAG+GamesFPPDTwebsiteMr M Vigor (S) results
23 AugJD+GamesFPPDTwebsiteMr M Vigor (S) results
28 AugOTDODCLorraine CongdonMr R Green (S) results
29 Aug OT/AGDODCLorraine CongdonMr R Green (S) results - obedience
results - agility
30 AugJDDODCLorraine CongdonMr R Green (S) results
06 SepRTPGCCarmen Sinclair 8932 6904 (ah)Mr T Rees (NT)closed
12 SepCHSDHCDiane Chard 8948 0939Mrs M Rose (Q)results
19 SepAG/JDFPPDTwebsiteMrs D Sellwood (NT) results
20 SepOTFPPDTwebsiteMrs G Page (NT) results
25-27 SepOT/AG/JD/GamesASODCKate Anderson 8952 5501Mr T Griffin (N)closed
26 SepCHDABKCCharlene Savy 0437 941 719Mr T Horchner (V) results
02-03 OctOT/AG/JDDODCLorraine CongdonMrs C Sinclair (NT) - OT
Mrs G Page (NT) - OT (UD/UDX) + AG
Mrs D Sellwood (NT) - JD
results - 2nd
results - 3rd
03 OctCHASKCwebsiteMrs B Balaam (Q) results
03 OctCHASKCwebsiteMrs J Horton (V) results
10 OctCHDLKCAmie White 8932 9798Mrs H Beasley (N)results
11 OctOTPGCCarmen Sinclair 8932 9798 (ah)Mr R Van der Velde (NT)19 Sep
11 OctGWTPGCMerrilyn Robb 8988 6084Mrs C Sinclair (NT)20 Sep
17 OctOT/AG/JDASODCKate Anderson 8952 5501  
19 Oct CH DLKC    
7 Nov CH DABKC     results
5 Dec CH SDHC     results


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