Stewards’ Training

Stewards’ training is run by DogsNT and provides a range of knowledge and experience in all aspects of stewarding at Conformation shows.  There is currently work being undertaken to adapt the Show Manager/ Steward training package for use by Trial Managers.

Places for the training courses are prioritised for the current committee members of the DogsNT affiliates. The logic there is that they are the ones conducting the events. However, if you are not a current committee member, but really want to help out at events then still apply as rarely are the courses full.

The format of the courses is 2 days, usually conducted over a weekend.  There is pre-course reading material and Open Book tests conducted prior to the training days.

To register your interest in participating in Stewards’ Training please email the DogsNT Office.

The course outline is provided here:

(This is purely a proposed list and is subject to discussion and amendment)

Day 1 (Theory and Pre Show Issues)

  • Opening, welcome, introductions and expectations
  • Format of training – discussion
  • Schedules and the Show Advisory Committee
  • Checking entries, catalogue preparation and when to number
  • Preparation of Challenge and Best of Breed Certificates and charts
  • Results of Open book tests and discussion
  • Completing catalogues, Challenge and Best of Breed Certificates and charts
  • Which Steward positions are required at a show – and why?
  • Show Manager responsibilities

Day 2 (Show Issues, Post Show and Ring Steward Aspirants)

  • Revision from Day 1
  • Practice – marking a catalogue
  • Practice – completing charts
  • Practice – completing Challenge and Best of Breed Certificates
  • After the Show – the Show Manager’s Report and other paperwork
  • Wrap-up and evaluation

Suggested Revision Training for Ring Steward Panel Aspirants

  • Revision – NACA Rules – Section 3 Exhibitions
  • Revision – NACA Rules – Section 4 Aggressive Dog Incidents
  • Revision – ANKC Regulations – Part 5
  • Revision – Running a Show – Section on Responsibilities of Ring Stewards
  • Revision – the Ring Steward’s contract
  • Revision – charts – preparation and completion
  • Ringcraft – presentation of the Ring Steward, setting up the Ring with the Judge, attending to the Judge throughout the show, establishing rapport with other Stewards and trophies and sashes.

A full list of current Ring Stewards in Alice Springs and Darwin can be found here