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Recently ANKC Ltd conducted a survey to ascertain the opinion of owners of Border Collies in relation to amendments to the breed standard.  The response received has indicated overwhelming support for the following:

Effective immediately the breed standard will be amended as follows:

  • ♦ The Ear description to include érect or semi-erect ears’;

EARS: Medium size and texture, set well apart. Carried erect or semi-erect and sensitive in use.

  • ♦ The Coat description to include ‘smooth coat is permitted’;

HAIR: Two varieties: Moderately long or Smooth. In both, topcoat dense and medium textured, undercoat soft and dense giving good weather resistance. In the moderately long-coated variety, abundant coat forms mane, breeching and brush. On face, ears, forelegs (except for feather), hindlegs from hock to ground, hair should be short and smooth.

  • ♦ The Colour description to be replaced with á variety of colours is permissible, provided white shall never predominate’.

COLOUR: Variety of colours permissible. White should never predominate. 

Breeders of registered Border Collies may amend the colour status of their dog in the ANKC database for a fee of $10 until 31 December 2019 after which time no colour alternations in the database will be permitted without permission of ANKC.

Tracey Barry (Administrator)

19 July 2018