NTG_Protect dogs-vertTick-borne dog disease ehrlichiosis confirmed in Northern Territory.

We need your help to spread the word that the tick-borne dog disease ehrlichiosis has been detected in the Territory.

Biosecurity is a shared responsibility and we need your support to build community awareness of everyone’s role to stop transmission of the bacteria Ehrlichia canis.

Ehrlichiosis is transmitted to dogs by the brown dog tick, which is widespread in northern Australia. Prevention is the best protection for dogs as vaccinations are not presently available.

All dog owners are strongly encouraged to have their dogs on a tick control program, regularly check their dogs for ticks, and be on the lookout for signs of the disease.

The attached information pack has been prepared by the Department of Primary Industry and Resources to support our community awareness campaign and we encourage you to share these materials, as relevant, with your stakeholders.

Increased awareness of this disease throughout the community will help to protect our four-legged friends from ehrlichiosis. 

Please contact us for any additional support via 📧 – communications.dpir@nt.gov.au.

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