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 NACA Conformation Events 2000

Date Event Affiliate Contact Judge Entries Close/
29 Jan CH DLKC Margaret Doyle Gps 5,6,7 - Mrs J Perry (Sin)
Gps 1,2,3,4&GS - Mrs M Boyd (NZ)
30 Jan CH DLKC Margaret Doyle Gps 5,6,7 - Mrs M Boyd (NZ)
Gps 1,2,3,4&GS - Mrs J Perry (Sin)
5 Feb CH FPKOC Jackie Ferguson Mr S Sinko (Slovenija) results
4 Mar CH ASKC Teresa Shanahan Mrs Y Sydenham-Clarke (V) results
11 Mar CH NACA Diane Tennyenhuis Mrs B Hession (N) results
25 Mar CH SDHC Corinne Watts Mrs M Watson (W) results
8 Apr CH DABKC Prue Burnett Mr R Callum (Q) results
15 Apr CH DLKC Corinne Watts Miss Sue Lynne Tong (Sin) results
29 Apr CH ASKC Angie Mitchell Mr G Kerr (Q) results
30 Apr CH ASKC Angie Mitchell Mrs R Kemp (N) results
13 May CH FPKOC Jackie Ferguson Ms S Bendixen (Q) results
20 May CH DABKC Laura Carr Mrs D Besoff (N) results
20 May CH DABKC Laura Carr Mr R Besoff (N) results
10 Jun SP GSDC **TBA Mr D O'Rourke (N) results
17 Jun SP HCNT Mel Hammett Mrs D Duffin (V) results
17 Jun OP HCNT Mel Hammett Mrs Y Van der Horst (NT) results
24 Jun CH DLKC Margaret Doyle Mrs E Norris (W) results
24 Jun CH SDHC Vicki White Mr R Norris (W) results
7 Jul CH CASS Pauline Haden Mrs M Watson (W) results
8 Jul CH ASKC Pauline Haden Mr R Baker (S) results
22 Jul CH KDSS Helen Drummond Mr T Fitzgerald (V) results
27/28/29 Jul CH RASNT
(Darwin Royal)
Susie Ripper Mr D Fifield (NZ) results
30 Jul SP PGC Sally Blyton Ms M Wedgewood (Q) results
4 Aug BOTG/
Canine Expo
(by local qual only)
Melissa Purich Mr Benny Yeoh (Mal)
Mr Larry Yuen (Mal)
Mr Ern Drinkwater (V)
5 Aug CH Canine Expo Prue Burnett Mr Larry Yuen (Mal) results
5 Aug CH Canine Expo Margaret Munro Mr Benny Yeoh (Mal) results
5 Aug OP Canine Expo Prue Burnett Gps 1,2,7&GS - Mrs C Beckett
Gps 3,4 - Dr L Cameron
Gps 5,6 - Mr J Beckett
6 Aug CH Canine Expo Cheryl Compain Mr Ern Drinkwater (V)
vice Mr Glen Friedlander (Phil)
19 Aug CH ASKC Shiena Warner Ms L Norman (V) results
26 Aug CH FPKOC Jackie Ferguson Mrs L Harwood (V) results
2 Sep CH DABKC Sandra Lew-Fatt Ms M Mackenzie (Q) results
16 Sep CH SDHC Diane Chard Mrs E Maitland (S) results
16 Sep OP PGC Margaret Munro Miss K Forrester (NT) closed
21 Oct CH DLKC Vicki White Mr L Heilmann (SA) results
28 Oct CH ASKC Shiena Warner Mr T Valli (N) closed
29 Oct CH ASKC Lyndall Hopgood Mrs M Hickie (N) closed
4 Nov CH NACA Ms A Tennyenhuis Mrs R Kemp (N) results
11 Nov CH DABKC Mrs S Lew-Fatt Mr E Croad (Q) results
11 Nov CH DABKC Mrs S Lew-Fatt Mrs J Croad (Q) results
9 Dec CH SDHC Helen Drummond Mrs L Lee (Malaysia) results
31 Dec CH Canine Expo Fiona Scott Mr GAA Lane (NT) Gps 1,2,3,4,7&GS
Miss K Forrester (NT) Group 5
Mrs Y Van Der Horst (NT) Group 6

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