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About Dogs NT What is Dogs NT Dogs NT is the trading name given to The North Australian Canine Association. Dogs NT is the controlling body for all registered canine activities in the Northern Territory.                         Snowy Toogood in 2011 with “Jellybean” History (an excerpt taken from An Historical Record of Australian Kennel Controls, available on […]


Dogs NT Council Administrator  Caroline Camilleri  Executive President: Mel HammettPh: 8988 5809email: tuems11@gmail.com Vice President: Carol BeckettSecretary: Marlene WattAssistant Secretary: Nikki JonesTreasurer: Clare Flattum  Councillors Caroline Camilleri Erica WhiteheadSteve Beckett Bob WhiteheadMarlene WattNicola JonesDeborah Brackenreg (Updated: Sept 2019)


Committees Committee Chairpersons Show Advisory Committee (SAC): Erica WhiteheadTrial Advisory Committee (TAC): Reg DwyerRules & Constitution Subcommittee: Mel HammettPromotions Sub Committee: VacantPublic Relations: VacantJunior Handler Sub Committee: Caroline CamilleriTDW & Website Editor: Nicola JonesZone Representative Alice Springs: Erica Whitehead Re Aggressive Dog Issues: VacantDogsNT Strategic Planning: Caroline CamilleriJudges Training Scheme Coordinator  (Conformation): VacantOH&S: Steve BeckettGrounds Committee: Caroline CamilleriPublic Officer: Bob WhiteheadGrants Committee: Caroline Camilleri Sub Committee Chair […]


Judges (Northern Territory Based) Conformation Mrs Carol BeckettPhone: 08 8988 1426 Email: tagetarl@bigpond.com Championship Judging Qualifications: All Breeds (Toys, Terriers, Gundogs, Hounds, Working Dogs, Utility & Non-Sporting)Other Qualifications: Junior Handlers Mr J (Steve) Beckett Phone: 08 8988 1426 Email: tagetarl@bigpond.com Championship Judging Qualifications: Toys, Terriers, Gundogs, Working Dogs, Utility & Non Sporting Open Show: Hounds Mr Mel Hammett Phone: 08 8988 […]


Stewards (Northern Territory based) Alice Springs Area Mrs Melinda BongiornoMob: 0147 4220 65 Mrs Marlene Douglas Phone: 08 8952 2002 email: marlenedgls@gmail.com Ms Laura AsmussenMob: 0409 9620 44email: lasmo494@gmail.com Mrs Erica Whitehead Phone: 08 8953 5351 Mob: 0438 804 705email: erica.m.whitehead@gmail.com Darwin Area Mrs Carol BeckettPhone: 08 8988 1426email: tagetarl@bigpond.com  Mr J Steve BeckettPhone: 08 8988 1426email: tagetarl@bigpond.com  Mrs Fiona ScottPhone: 08 8988 1071email: fionascott8@bigpond.com […]