Retrieving Trials & Retrieving Ability Tests for Gundogs

Gundog Working Tests

What are Gundog Retrieving Competitions?

The ability and intelligence of well-bred and well-trained gundogs are remarkable. DogsNT and their affiliated club, the Palmerston Gundog Club, conduct competitive Retrieving Trials (RT)  and Retrieving Ability Tests for Gundogs (RATG).

Retrieving Trials are restricted to Main and Limited Registered desexed Gundog Breeds, however, Retrieving Ability Tests (RATG) may also include Associate Gundogs.

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These events are designed to test the various breeds in the type of work for which they were developed over hundreds of years. They provide breeders with the opportunity to test the natural working instincts of their dogs and therefore the chance to select breeding stock on the basis of appropriate temperament and for the preservation of their invaluable working instincts.

These trials provide the opportunity for owners to experience the pleasure of working closely with their Gundogs in competitive field sports. Championship titles and minor titles are available based on performance. Retrieving competitions are run under ANKC rules. The types of trials are outlined below:

Retrieving Ability Tests for Gundogs (RATG)

The RATG is open to both Registered Gundogs and Associate Gundogs. It is a test of basic retrieving ability. The tests are designed so that they might be held in conjunction with either obedience trials or perhaps show events depending on the area that is available.

Titles are awarded at two levels; Novice Retrieving Ability (NRA) and Open Retrieving Ability (ORA).

Novice level consists of four exercises; walking to heel, a recall, and two single mark (sighted) retrieves.

Open level also consists of four exercises; walking to heel, one minute stay with recall (incorporating a stop on command), walk-up retrieve, and either a double mark retrieve or a double rise retrieve.

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