Junior Handlers Guide

Junior Handlers compete with either their own pedigree dog or one borrowed from another exhibitor – with the emphasis on dog show handling skills.  

The aim of the Junior Handlers competition is to encourage children to participate in Dog Shows and other Canine activities, where learning objectives can provide greater opportunity for further development of their interest in breeding, showing, stewarding and eventually judging, while having fun.

Since the inception of the Pedigree Junior Showmanship competition, training days and handler classes have produced many outstanding handlers Australia-wide. Those that have gone through the ranks are now the mentors to today’s youngsters and what capable hands they are in!

The DogsNT  Junior Handler Competitions are open to any junior who is a Junior Handler Member and their parent/guardian is, a Member of DogsNT.

The DogsNT  State final is only open to winners who are NT residents and hold membership of DogsNT.

DogsNT conducts their Junior Handlers competitions under the rules set out by the ANKC. If you would like any further information please contact the DogsNT Office.

For a copy of the Junior Handler Competition and Showmanship Manual please click HERE