There is a wide range of activities you can be involved with, from conformation showing to tracking and everything in between.

Conformation Shows

Conformation Shows There are more than 200 dog breeds recognised by the Australian National Kennel Council which are eligible to be shown in Australia. Many of the breeds can be found in the Northern Territory, including many rare breeds. Dog Shows can be fun for the entire family, shows in Darwin are held in the […]

Junior Handler Competitions

Junior Handler Competitions Junior Handlers compete with either their own pedigree dog or one borrowed from another exhibitor – with an emphasis on dog show handling skills.   The aim of the Junior Handlers competition is to encourage children to participate in Dog Shows and other Canine activities, where learning objectives can provide greater opportunities […]

NT Show Circuit

NT Show Circuit Over 2 dozen shows and trials in just 3 weeks! Commencing in July at Alice Springs each year, head up the Stuart Highway, north towards the ‘Top End’ and Darwin to enjoy the famous Northern Territory hospitality, sportsmanship and wonderful climate as you participate in what can only be described as one […]

Agility, Jumping & Games

Dog Agility is a team sport where a person and a dog form a team. A team sport where you are in charge of the strategy and your dog is responsible for the athleticism.


Obedience There is nothing more satisfying than sharing your life with a well-trained canine companion. Reaching that goal is attainable and takes time, commitment and consistency and whether your dog is a puppy or a mature dog training will assist you in sharing a special relationship where your dog is a pleasure to have by […]

Scent Work

Scent Work Scent Work is an exciting new Dogs Australia sport that is based on the task of working detection dogs to locate an odour and communicate to the handler that the odour has been found. Detection is done in a variety of environments and often during changing weather or environmental conditions. Scent Work is a […]


Rally Rally promotes a positive relationship between the dog and its owner, and it is a great way for the beginner to start trialing with their dog. Rally was designed as a way to introduce people who are working through their obedience levels into the world of dog sports and for everyone, whether they are […]

Retrieving Trials for Gundogs [RATG]

Retrieving Trials & Retrieving Ability Tests for Gundogs What are Gundog Retrieving Competitions? The ability and intelligence of well-bred and well-trained gundogs are remarkable. DogsNT and their affiliated club, the Palmerston Gundog Club, conduct competitive Retrieving Trials (RT)  and Retrieving Ability Tests for Gundogs (RATG). Retrieving Trials are restricted to Main and Limited Registered desexed Gundog […]


Tracking Tracking is a sport in which you and your dog follow a scent along a previously laid track. The tracks are marked out according to the Tracking Rules and walked by a track-layer on the day of the trial.  The only equipment needed is a correctly fitted tracking harness and a lead at least […]

Endurance Tests

Endurance Tests Endurance Trials are sometimes held in the Northern Territory, typically only in the cooler months of the year. What is an Endurance Test? The object of an Endurance Test is to demonstrate the dog’s ability to work after being subject to a certain degree of physical strain without showing signs of undue stress […]

Retrieving Trials [RT]

Retrieving Trials Retrieving Trial competitions are limited to the recognised Dogs Australia Gundog Breeds Only. To view the Dogs Australia Gundog breeds please click HERE > The purpose of a Retrieving Trial [RT] is to test and determine the dogs’ natural hunting ability in the field, under natural conditions. Retrieving Trials allow the owner/breeder the opportunity […]

Trick Dogs

Trick Dogs The Trick Dog Competition is an exciting new ANKC discipline that became an official event in January 2020. Developed by members of the Dances With Dogs discipline, the intention of Trick Dogs is to encourage handlers to teach their dogs skills and to display behaviours in a positive environment. Trick Dog Competition classes are: Starter […]