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Australian Canine Eye Scheme (ACES)
ANKC Ltd is seeking information from all Member Bodies and National Breed Councils into the scheduling ...
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Changes to Aggressive Dog Rule
Rule 4 – Aggressive Dogs was amended in May 2014.  Please see the Constitution, Rules and ...
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Due to the complaints for the lateness of the last issue of TDW a reminder that we are sticking to the close off date of the 1 Sept for schedules approved and notices/reports etc for the next issue. Let me remind you that Distinctive Web Creations that do our TDW are not to blame in any way for past lateness, they get the information and it is always done in a timely manner. Also I might mention clubs are run by volunteers who also have fulltime jobs and families and dogs and run dog shows. They all try very hard to get the schedules in on time but sometimes it does not happen for many and varied reasons. Those who complain should get on a committee and see how difficult it can be at times. Yes volunteers should and are aware of their responsibilities on committees but in the real world things don’t always go to plan. If we had a few more volunteers on committees then things might run more smoothly and more timely. We will be having an AGM for one of the clubs in the next month or so. Here is your opportunity to join a committee and make sure things are done in a timely manner and submitted on time and therefore TDW will be out on time. Yes Dogs NT has been fining clubs of late for late paperwork and will continue to do so. ...

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On Thursday 29th May the admin officer will not be in the DogsNT office and away at a conference, however Melissa Purich will be manning the office between 1-3pm ...

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Welcome to the Dogs NT Website

Hi Members,

Remember, this is your website.  If there is something you would like to see on here, email your suggestion and we will look into it.  I'd love to get some poems, recipes, helpful doggy information etc.

There is every chance we have missed something, or made a small mistake.  If you find something, please send an email to and we will look into it.

Thanks again to everyone for their contributions and I hope all the members enjoy the web site.

Darien Pearce
TDW Editor

Annual General Meeting – Dogs NT

Wednesday 7th May 2014, 8:00pm
Royal Darwin Showgrounds – Dog Area
(A wet weather venue will be provided if necessary)
***Full quorum is required***

1. Attendance
2. Apologies
3. Acceptance of 2013 AGM Minutes
4. President’s Report including Grand Champion announcement
5. Financial Report
6. Election – Vice President; Secretary; 3 Councillors  and Alice Springs Zone
7. Expressions of interest for sub committees – SAC, TAC, Promotions, Junior Handlers
8. Next AGM Wed 6th May 2015


Padlock Issues at the Front Gate

It has come to our attention that our members are incorrectly locking the main RASNT gate. This is not an isolated instance, but infact has happened 6 times in a 4 month period.

The inconvenience caused to RASNT staff is not tolerable and continued issues may lead to denial of use of that gate to DogsNT members.

There is a picture on the Shean Road gate of the correct and only procedure for locking that gate.

Dogs NT Office

Office hours:
Tuesday -  11am to 2pm
Wednesday -  11am to 2pm
Thursday -  1pm to 5pm

P:   (08) 8984 3570

Territory Dog World

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