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Dogs Queensland is pleased to be able to now officially offer all members Tent Camping ...
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The Trial Advisory Committee for Dogs NT is calling for Expression of Interest for persons ...
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1.9 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 1.9.1   The NACA Annual General Meeting must be held within 5 ...
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1.1.6.  Handler Membership shall be available and is divided into two (2) categories, Junior and ...
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****** REMINDER*******
Canine Expo entries closing 4th July.
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** REMINDER** Darwin Royal closes today **
Darwin Royal entries close TODAY, 12 June. Please remember to include your Section G forms. This form has provision for an email address. All entries will be acknowledged after being picked up from the RASNT office and checked. Do NOT stress if your entries are in the mail this week. If you think they are going to be received late just send an email to with details and they will know to watch out for them. Please remember that the fabulous ladies in the Show office are accepting entries for all sections closing today, not just the Dogs.
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A message from Erica Whitehead - Alice Springs
GENTLE REMINDER..... Entries for the July ASK&DSC and Tennant Creek Shows close this Friday 12th June. ASK&DSC entries can be lodged via Easy Dog Entries, Show Manager and Australia Post. Tennant Creek is by Australia Post only. Planning and looking forward to a great weekend.
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Welcome to the Dogs NT Website

Hi Members,

Remember, this is your website.  If there is something you would like to see on here, email your suggestion and we will look into it.  I'd love to get some poems, recipes, helpful doggy information etc.

There is every chance we have missed something, or made a small mistake.  If you find something, please send an email to and we will look into it.

Thanks again to everyone for their contributions and I hope all the members enjoy the web site.

Darien Pearce
TDW Editor


Notice to all Dogs NT Members re: Increased Fees

DogsNT has reviewed the costs involved with the grounds over the past 12 months and more. It is very clear that the charges do not cover the costs.

Power and Water have significantly increased their charges for both water and electricity, and additionally the prospective costs of light maintenance and replacement promises to be significant also.

To ensure the grounds are of suitable quality to run training classes and conduct shows and trials, these costs are necessary. Therefore we need to ensure the charges levied are sufficient to cover the usage.
The tasks that have been identified to maintain the grounds are as follows:

– water,
– lighting,
– cleaning,
– mowing,
– ground maintenance,
– sprinklers and
– general building maintenance.

As a result of the increases we have decided to split the charges to Ground Hire and Light Hire.
Ground Hire:  Previously the Ground hire was charged as a consolidated amount that attempted to ‘lump’ all costs into one basket. This was at a nominal rate, and charges for water and maintenance were never included. The increases have been absorbed to this date to the great detriment of DogsNT’s finances. It is not possible for this process to continue. The Ground Hire charge will address some of these charges and are expected to include the costs involved with:

1. Water charges
2. General maintenance of the Grounds
3. Occasional replacement of minor items
4. Preparation of grounds for Shows and Trials
5. Cleaning of Toilets and ‘demountable’ prior to shows and trials
    a. Note: the cleaning before and after events will become the responsibility of the affiliate that hires the facilities.

The Light hire is planned to cover costs involved with;

1. Costs of running the lights on a per hour basis
2. Replacement of component parts of the lights
     a. Hire of cherry picker/high lift boom
3. Overall replacement of the lights as end of life approaches.

Council is very appreciative of the assistance currently given to them with mowing, emptying rubbish bins and the other numerous jobs that are being done.

To investigate this further, DogsNT may be able to offset some of the costs for the grounds and lights against the charges for these services. If members would like to identify some of the offsets, Council can discuss and see if they can be implemented.

Council welcome any suggestions from members on any of these issues.

Kind Regards

Caroline Camilleri
Secretary DogsNT


Padlock Issues at the Front Gate

It has come to our attention that our members are incorrectly locking the main RASNT gate. This is not an isolated instance, but infact has happened 6 times in a 4 month period.

The inconvenience caused to RASNT staff is not tolerable and continued issues may lead to denial of use of that gate to DogsNT members.

There is a picture on the Shean Road gate of the correct and only procedure for locking that gate.

Changes to Scale of Fees

All members should make note of changes to the scale of fees, effective from 1st January 2015. Click here to view the new scale of fees.

Dogs NT Office

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