Dogs NT Forms

These forms are in Word and/or PDF format, OR you can choose to have the forms faxed or mailed to you.  To read .PDF files you will need  Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is generally already loaded on most computers.  If not, click here to download and get Acrobat Reader free.

Membership Renewal per 2018 – PDF – DOC (Updated 2 Dec 2017)
Membership Application – DOCPDF  (Updated 3 Dec 2017)
Title Application – DOCPDF  (Updated 2 Dec 2017)
Prefix Application – DOCPDF  (Updated 2 Dec 2017)
Basic Course for Breeders: Prefix Application – DOCXPDF
Prefix Transfer – DOCPDF  (Updated 2 Dec 2017)
Litter Registration – DOCX – DOCPDF (Updated 23 Nov 2017)
Main to Neuter Transfer – DOCX  – PDF  (Updated 2 Dec 2017)
Limited Register Agreement – DOCPDF  (Updated 2 Dec 2017) 
Application for Re-Registration – DOCPDF  (Updated 2 Dec 2017)
Application for Export Pedigree – DOCPDF  (Updated 2 Dec 2017)
Associate Register Application – DOC PDF   (Updated 2 Dec 2017)
Replacement Certificate Application – DOCPDF
Invitation to be assessed for Ring Stewards Panel – DOCPDF
Certificate of use of Registered Semen – DOCPDF  (Updated 2 Dec 2017)
Judges Approval Renewal – Conformation – DOCPDF  (Updated 3 Dec 2017) 
Judges Approval Renewal – Trials – DOC – PDF  (Updated 3 Dec 2017)
Judges Training Scheme Application – Agility Trials – DOCX – PDF (Updated 17 Oct 2018)
Credit Card Payment Authority – DOC PDF   (Updated 2 Dec 2017)

Please remember that completed forms with signature/s will need to be returned to the NACA office together with payment, or reference to internet payment before the paperwork can be completed.  Details on fees can be found in the Scale of Fees or on the relevant page in the Territory Dog World

Forms required for Show and Trial Managers/Secretaries.  

TDW Show/Trial Schedule Template (updated March 2011)

Conformation Exhibition Manager Report (updated February 2009)

NACA Representative’s Report

Show/Trial Cover Sheet (Post Show Paperwork) – DOCX – PDF  (Updated 31 July 2018)

Invitation to Ring Steward – DOCPDF

Show Charts (excel)

Measuring Form – DOCPDF   (Updated 2 Dec 2017)

ANKC Judges Contract – PDF (♦ NEW ♦ 2018 Form – FULLY editable) (updated 15 Oct 2018)

ANKC Overseas Judges Approvals

Trial Managers Report – DOCPDF

Other miscellaneous forms

ANKC Data Extraction Application Form

Junior Showmanship Judges Application Form
Junior Handler Competition & ANKC Ltd Junior Handler Manual