Agility, Jumping & Games

Dog Agility is a team sport where a person and a dog form a team. A team sport where you are in charge of the strategy and your dog is responsible for the athleticism.

Dogs leap over hurdles, power through tunnels, zip through a slalom of upright poles and scale ramps of different sizes. The aim is to find the balance between the control of the dog and the speed of the performance.

Scoring is based on faults, similar to equestrian show jumping. A dog that completes the obstacles correctly within the set time will earn a Clear Round. Dogs earn titles when they achieve a set number of clear rounds.

Agility, and its companion activity, Jumping, are structured for dog owners with all levels of skill and physical ability and provide the opportunity to attain more enjoyment from dog ownership. During actual Agility and Jumping trials there are several levels of competition ranging from Novice level to suit dogs new to the sport to Master level for more experienced dogs. There are also Jumping competitions at the basic level that include only jumps and tunnels which gives the opportunity for dog owners to join in the fun of trials soon after they begin teaching their dog the sport.

Dog Agility does not have to be a competitive sport. It's a great way for owners and pets to get regular exercise – and it stimulates dogs mentally and physically.