Breeds and Breeders

Choosing a Breed

Choosing a Breed Click HERE to Research the right dog for you. .For more than 60 years, Dogs Australia has supported the responsible breeding of over 200 unique breeds of pure-bred dogs through our registered breeder and breed club networks. In this video series, you can explore what is called a breed group – a group […]

List of Breeds

List of Breeds GROUP 1 – TOYSGROUP 2 – TERRIERS GROUP 3 – GUNDOGS GROUP 4 – HOUNDS GROUP 5 – WORKING DOGS GROUP 6 – UTILITY GROUP 7- NON-SPORTING  Direct link to the Dogs Australia List of all the breeds

Breeders Directory

Breeders Directory This list is comprised of breeders who are members of Dogs NT and as such, they have agreed to abide by the North Australian Canine Association Rules and Regulations, including the Code of Ethics. In providing you with this list, Dogs NT makes no representations as to the reputation of any breeder or […]