If you wish to breed your dog as a member of DogsNT, you are required to:

  • Apply for  membership of DogsNT
  • Be a  Member of DogsNT or another ANKC member body for a minimum of six (6) months prior to applying for a PREFIX.
  • After six (6) months membership.
  • Use the ANKC Guidelines for Breeders Booklet to assist with the ‘Open Book Exam’ (see link ‘a‘ below)
  • Successfully complete the Open Book Exam – Basic Course for Breeders (see link ‘b‘ below)
  • Apply for a prefix
  • Pay all appropriate fees.

  1. ♦ ANKC  – Guidelines for Breeders Booklet: HERE
  2. Open Book Exam – Basic Course for Breeders: HERE


  • As a member and/or breeder you are required to abide to all rules, regulations and codes of ethics appropriate to DogsNT.
  • As of 30 June 2016 – Prefixes will only be issued to members who have had six (6) months continuous membership with DogsNT or a recognised ANKC member body.
  • Commencing 1 August 2016 DogsNT will require members applying for a Prefix to complete and pass the Basic Course For Breeders.
  • The form is also available under the Forms tab on this website.