If you wish to breed your dog as a member of Dogs NT, you are required to:

1 – Apply for  membership of Dogs NT

2 – Be a  Member of Dogs NT or another ANKC member body for a minimum of six (6) months prior to applying for a PREFIX.

3 – After six (6) months membership.

4 – Successfully complete the open book exam ‘Basic Course for breeders‘.

5 – Apply for a prefix

5 – Pay all appropriate fees.


As a member and/or breeder you are required to abide to all rules, regulations and codes of ethics appropriate to Dogs NT.

The ‘Guidelines for Breeders is available in PDF form here.

The Open Book Exam for ‘Basic Course for Breeders is here.


As of 30 June 2016 – Prefixes will only be issued to members who have had 6 months continuous membership with DogsNT or a recognized ANKC member body.

Commencing 1 August 2016 Dogs NT will require members applying for a Prefix to complete and pass the Basic Course For Breeders. The form is available under the Forms tab on the website and the Basic Course For Breeders information can  found by clicking the link below.

Basic Course For Breeders