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At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Australian National Kennel Council Limited held in Melbourne:

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1.  Election of ANKC Ltd Vice President and Treasurer

  •  Mr Hugh Gent OAM was re-elected unopposed as President for a three year term from 13 October 2018; and
  • Mr Brian Parker was re-elected as Vice President for a one year term from 13 October 2018; and
  • Mr David Sales was re-elected unopposed as Treasurer for a one year term from 13 October 2018.
  • Ms Pamela Campbell was elected as a member of the Executive Committee for a one year term from 13 October 2018.

At the October 2018 ANKC Ltd Board meeting, Directors resolved/considered the following:

1.  Overseas Judges Evaluation Procedure

It was resolved the ANKC Overseas Judges Evaluation Procedure be discontinued immediately..

2.  CACIB Shows

It was resolved the following confirmed expressions of interest to conduct CACIB Shows in 2019-2020 have been approved by ANKC for submission to FCI for their approval:

Dogs SA

31 May 2019

Dogs SA Winter International

Dogs West

12 July 2019

The FCI Winter Festival Championship Show

Dogs NSW

30 August 2019

Dogs NSW Spring Fair Dog Show

Dogs Tasmania

27 October 2019

Combined Breeds Dog Club of Tasmania

Dogs Victoria

16 February 2020

Twilight Canine Country Club

Dogs Queensland

7 June 2020

Ipswich Kennel Club

Dogs West

10 July 2020

The FCI Winter Festival Championship Show

Dogs NSW

28 August 2020

Spring Fair Dog Show

3. Whole Body Barometric Plethysmography Chamber

The BOAS Chamber is now located at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital where testing of dogs will commence in mid-November 2018.

4.  Kangal Shepherd Dog / Anatolian Shepherd Dog

It was resolved to retain both breeds with Kangal Shepherd Dogs to use the current FCI standard and the Anatolian Shepherd Dogs to use the Kennel Club (UK) standard.  Anatolian Shepherd Dogs which meet the requirements of the Kangal Shepherd Dog have until 31 December 2018 to transfer to the Kangal Shepherd Dog register.  A Press Release will be issued in due course.

5.  Peruvian Hairless Dog – Group Change

It was resolved that effective from 1 January 2019 the Peruvian Hairless Dog be moved from Group 4 (Hounds) to Group 7 (Non-Sporting).

6.  Bull Terrier & Bull Terrier (Miniature)

It was resolved the Bull Terrier Miniature breeders of Australia be allowed to continue to use the interbreeding program indefinitely.

7.  Amendments to Breed Standards

It was resolved that ANKC will amend breed standards in January each year.  The Board agreed this will benefit those preparing Theory Examinations and sitting for Theory Examinations.

Note:  ANKC Ltd does not own a majority of the breed standards, so we are not able to make a change to a standard. Only the country or organisation that owns a standard may make changes and if they do so, then once they notify ANKC Ltd, those changes will now be made annually in January.].

8.  Aggressive Dog Regulations

It was resolved that declared aggressive dogs may not be used in breeding programs and a regulation will be drafted to reflect this to come into force in 2019.

9.  * ANKC Ltd Judges’ Contract

It was resolved the existing Judges’ Contract will be amended to make it generic for use by both Conformation and Sporting Judges..

10.  * Overseas Judges Application Form – Amendment

It was resolved the declaration on the Overseas Judges Application Form be amended to read as follows:

“I also declare I am physically fit and capable of judging in the normally accepted manner. 
I acknowledge this is a continuing obligation and I undertake to notify the club should my health status impact upon my ability to judge in the normally accepted manner.”

11  * ANKC Ltd Regulations Part 6 – The Register & Registration – Amendment

It was resolved that Regulations Part 6 – The Register & Registrations, Section 10 Recognition of New Breeds, be removed in its entirety effective from 1 January 2019.

12  * National Judges Code of Practice and Conduct – Amendment

It was resolved that Clause 4 of the National Judges Code of Practice and Conduct to be amended to read:

  1. A Judge shall present himself/herself in attire that is acceptable, appropriate and comfortable for each judging assignment. Footwear appropriate to the discipline shall be worn.

 *       New or Amended regulations, policy statements, procedures, publications and listings will be made available from the ANKC Ltd website.