ANKC Rott Survey

In accordance with Item 7.2.1 of the October 2021 ANKC Board meeting minutes an online survey is now available from the link provided below where ANKC is seeking feedback from owners of Rottweilers regarding the following proposal.
The current regulation under Regulations Part 6 The Register & Registrations is as follows:

8.9 Rottweiler 

8.9.1 For litters of Rottweilers born where the parents have been born after 1.1.97, these parents must show results of X-rays for hips and elbows. (Amended 10/13 – 5.6.4)

Proposal to add as 8.9.2: Effective immediately, any Rottweiler born a Natural Bobtail will be eligible to be registered on the Limit Register only and flagged NOT TO BE UPGRADED.

Rationale: The adopted standard (FCI Standard No: 147) for the Rottweiler within Australia has now been updated as of 24 July 2018. A significant change to this updated standard is that it now reflects the length of the tail: “while positioned along the leg, the tail reaches approximately to the hocks or is a bit longer”, and the Natural Bobtail is listed as a disqualifying fault.
The following referenced attachments are available from the links provided below:

  1. Section of FCI Standard No: 147 – 24/7/2018 listing Natural Bobtails as a Disqualifying Fault.
  2. Copy Email from Prof Peter Friedrich outlining the ADRK reasons for not recognising NBT’s in the Rottweiler population.

📍 The online survey can now be accessed from:

📍 The link is also available from the ANKC website at:
❗ Please note responses to the survey are required by COB 7 March 2022.