🔸️ Dogs Australia has concerns regarding the risk of vectoring Canine Ehrlichiosis through the pedigree dog population attending our major exhibition events such as Royal Shows.

All exhibitors are encouraged to ensure their dogs are treated for tick prevention using a reputable systemic treatment prior to attending such events or travelling into areas where the brown dog tick is known to occur.

While reputable tick preventions will stop the spread of Ehrlichiosis between dogs, it still relies on the tick biting the dog in the first place to be effective and of course, it’s the biting of the dog by the tick which transmits the bacteria.

The disease is characterized by fever, decreased appetite, lethargy and bleeding (such as nose bleeds). Some dogs develop severe and rapid weight loss, swollen limbs, difficulty breathing and blindness. The illness can also affect the bone marrow, which can be fatal. Some dogs die of septicaemia, or they bleed uncontrollably which can also lead to death. Most dogs will improve from treatment with antibiotics and other supportive measures. However, some may develop a chronic infection, which usually has a terminal outcome.

People planning travel through any of the brown tick distribution areas (as shown on this link: Travelling with your dog in Australia – DAFF (agriculture.gov.au) or to events where dogs from other States and Territories will be in attendance should be applying a systemic tick prevention to their animals prior to attendance. Dogs travelling through known brown tick distribution areas should also be using a Seresto Collar Seresto® Flea & Tick Collar – Official Bayer Pet Collar Site (seresto-store.com) which prevents the parasite from biting the dog in the first place.

🔸️ 🔗 Dogs Australia website/information:  Ehrlichiosis In Dogs

Tracey Barry | Dogs Australia Administrator
20 March 2023

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