DNT Updates 2020 AGM

DogsNT April 13th 2020 AGM Update & Paperwork

Given the COVID-19 pandemic social gathering regulations at the time of this Notice – the 2020 AGM will be conducted under advice from the NT Department of The Attorney General and Justice:



1 –  Members and interested parties do not have to meet physically & the formation of a quorum is not required

2 – The DogsNT 2019 Financial Report is to be distributed to Members and made available following timeframes. (See also link below).

3 – All other reports will be made available by the date of the AGM.

4 – The Minutes will record the actions taken to distribute all relevant information and how the AGM was convened.

5 – All other matters will also be recorded in the AGM Minutes.

6 – The Returning Officer received all nominations for positions vacant and these will be accepted into the AGM 2020 Minutes. No ballot was required for this 2020 AGM.

7 – All paperwork will be submitted after the AGM – as per the DogsNT Constitution.

8 – Any matters arising from the attached Reports and Minutes are to be directed to the DogsNT Office before the 13th May 2020 via email at naca1@bigpond.com

♦ 🔗 DogsNT Annual General Meeting Agenda 2020
♦ 🔗 DogsNT Financial Report 2019
♦ 🔗 DogsNT 2019 Annual General Meeting – Draft Minutes
♦ 🔗 DogsNT 2019 Special General Meeting – Draft Minutes 
♦ 🔗  DogsNT Presidents Report – AGM 2020
 🔗 Trials Advisory Committee Annual Report – DogsNT AGM 2020
♦ 🔗 Returning Officer Report for DogsNT AGM – April 2020 
(NB: This report was prepared for the ‘pre adjournment’ 15th April 2020 AGM. Due to COVID-19 the AGM requirements had to change in line with NT Government requirements).

Signed – Mrs M. Watt

Secretary | DogsNT Council