covid update

At a Meeting of the DogsNT Council on the 6th May 2020, the following motion was passed concerning the ongoing COVID‐19 Virus situation:

That DogsNT (North Australian Canine Association Inc), lift the current restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 in accordance with the following strategic plan as outlined in steps 1-5 below and under the current NT Government COVID-19 recommendations and regulations:



1. That all training sessions can recommence from 15th May 2020 with a MAXIMUM of two (2) hours per session, in accordance with STAGE 2 of the NT Government COVID-19 ‘Roadmap’ guidelines.

2. That all sanctioned and approved events can be held from the 5th June 2020 as per STAGE 3 of the NT Government COVID-19 ‘Roadmap’ guidelines with NO time restrictions.

3. That the DogsNT Office be opened for business from the 15th May 2020 and that the restriction of only one (1) customer be physically permitted in the Office at one time.

4. i. That the current DogsNT Rule 3.4.4 relating to the lodgement of pre-event paperwork no less than ‘four (4) months prior’ be lifted (no longer apply), from the 7th May 2020 until the 31st December 2020.
ii. All official DogsNT pre-event paperwork is now required no less than four (4) calendar weeks before the proposed event.

5. That the above strategies are to be circulated to all
i. DogsNT Affiliates (via email), and –
ii. The Members (via the DogsNT website and social media) with the following additional points included in the correspondence and Notice:

  • ♦ All Members attending and Affiliates holding sanctioned or approved DogsNT events MUST comply with the NT Government advice and regulations regarding COVID-19.
  • ♦ Under DogsNT Rule 3.5.2 (c): Persons or dogs participating at any DogsNT sanctioned or approved event do so at their own risk.
  • ♦ Affiliates holding any sanctioned or approved events will be responsible for cleaning and sanitising the amenities block, Training Room and all other hygiene matters in accordance with the NT Government COVID-19 guidelines.
  • ♦ If anyone feels unwell do not attend a sanctioned or approved DogsNT event.
  • ♦ Current NT Government COVID-19 advice can be found at –
  • 🔗 DogsNT COVID-19 Review Update 6th May 2020

Kind Regards,

Mel Hammett
DogsNT | President