FCI LogoThe FCI President, Dr Tamas Jakkel, and Dr. Jane Ladlow of the Animal Health Trust and BOAS Research Group at the University of Cambridge, agree to cooperate in order to investigate and guide the FCI members (national canine organisations) and the pedigree dog owner community about the BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome). This welfare issue has been causing a large debate worldwide and is of great concern to the pedigree dog breeders and dog owners of these popular breeds.

Dr Ladlow’s extensive knowledge in this particular field will help the FCI and its members/breeders to devise strategies to monitor and improve this matter. Both the FCI and Dr Ladlow believe that the best solution is to improve the health of the breeds and carefully monitor the breed populations. We share the idea that banning these breeds for the sake of their health is not realistic and could make the problem worse. More dogs will be produced outside the FCI system and out of reach of our FCI members. Future progeny, which are dependent on market demand, will be uncontrolled and will not be registered or enrolled in health schemes including newly established genetic tests. There is a danger that breeding of these dogs would move into the shadows, making it difficult to trace the dogs’ genealogy.

Our cooperation aims at developing guidelines for the breeders of our national canine organisations on how to contribute to improve the health of our popular brachycephalic breeds. We also aim to monitor the results of these programmes over the next 5 to 10 years so that we can assess their effectiveness and determine if other strategies are required. We strongly believe that this result cannot be achieved by any other means.

All BOAS affected dogs have the right to live a decent life.

Dog health and welfare were, are and will always be our priority

Dr. Jane Ladlow

Animal Health Trust Lanwades Park, Kentford
BOAS Research Group at Cambridge University  of   Cambridge Department of Veterinary Medicine UK

Dr.Tamas Jakkel
FCI President