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UPDATE: Re serious Illness in Dogs 

The Board of the Norwegian Kennel Club decided on Friday, September 27 2019. to reverse the previous decisions on cancellation of shows, trials and activities with immediate effect. Norwegian national teams may again attend FCI Championships. The Board’s former recommendation to our members about not attending official activities with dogs abroad, is also reversed.

News update September 27: 

🔗 – Update to Norwegian dog illness


The Norwegian Kennel Club is very sorry to realize that a misunderstanding now is leading to cancellations of Norwegian judges to their judging appointments.

The Norwegian Kennel Club decision about “The Board’s recommendation is that our members do not attend official activities abroad” was meant for Norwegian dogs and not people.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Norwegian Veterinary Institute are working continuously to try to find reasons for the disease we see in several dogs in Norway at the moment.

We have established a web page with information about the situation:

🔗– Serious Illness in dogs in Norway Link

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has said that there is no reason to believe that the disease we now are facing spreads from dogs to humans. The bacteria found in several dogs, Providencia alcalifaciens, only seems to get to people through damaged food.

We believe you should not worry about Norwegian judges!