🔗 Health Costs for French Bulldogs – not the whole story.

🔗  The French Bulldog Club of NSW would like to address the upcoming media coverage regarding the health costs of French Bulldogs.

We acknowledge that the cost of care for Frenchies has increased, and we have taken steps to ensure the health and well-being of the breed.

We have recognised 23 responsible breeders in NSW who have undergone a rigorous application process and adhere to our strict code of ethics. These breeders use the most current scientific knowledge to produce healthy and well-constructed puppies. We are also working on a new physical endurance test to ensure that our breeding dogs can cope with modern-day life.

However, responsible breeders are facing challenges from veterinarian prejudice and political pressure caused by the actions of negligent breeders. This has resulted in media reports of dogs in pain and families in despair, damaging the breed’s reputation.

Our experienced breeders have reported unnecessary, unwarranted, and often dangerous surgical interventions suggeshttps://frenchbulldogclubnsw.asn.au/club-news/aca-investigates-high-price-of-vet-bills/ted for Frenchie families. Frenchies are increasingly seen as “cash cows,” and owners are routinely told that their dog needs BOAS surgery or complex spinal interventions without a clinical diagnosis or detailed investigation.

Our responsible breeders maintain a strong connection to their new owners and provide lifelong support, including sanity checks on acute diagnoses by veterinary practices. We encourage potential French Bulldog owners to avoid the pain of bringing home a puppy who might live a miserable existence and need expensive medical interventions. We have implemented strict breeding standards and health testing protocols to ensure the health and well-being of dogs and their puppies.

Buying a puppy from a breeder with poor breeding practices can result in the suffering of dogs, terrible health outcomes, and damage to the breed’s reputation. We urge new owners to choose breeders who work under our standards and comply with our rigorous code of ethics.

We would like to share a case study of a family whose Frenchie was quoted $30K for spinal surgery. On consulting the French Bulldog Club and through discussions with the breeder, a decision was made to refer the owner to a Frenchie specialist vet who diagnosed a slipped disc as a result of jumping off the lounge. The specialist prescribed a short course of anti-inflammatories, and the dog fully recovered with a ban from being on the lounge and a comfy bed on the floor.

In conclusion, the French Bulldog Club of NSW is committed to the health and well-being of French Bulldogs. We encourage responsible breeding practices and urge potential owners to choose breeders who adhere to our standards and code of ethics. Further information is available on our website.

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