ankc-mini-image Please find attached a copy of the breeding strategy brachycephalic dogs issued by Raad van Beheer which is being circulated for information. (See link below)

In addition, the FCI has published an open letter from their President Dr Tamas Jakkel relating to the status of the brachycephalic breeds in the Netherlands. (see link below). 

The ANKC has also published a letter (see link below) with supporting correspondence from Australian Brachycephalic Breed Clubs and this has been sent to the Raad van Beheer, within the next few days we will be sending a further response which will set out in fuller detail our perspective on the Netherlands Legislation.

🔗 – ANKC Response (2nd June 2020)

🔗 – Brachycephalic dogs in the Netherlands

🔗 – Open letter from FCI President