JUNE 2023 SPECIAL BOARD MTG – ATTACHMENT 4.3c New Regulation Part 5 – Conformation Show,
Clause 2.7
– effective 01 January 2024:

Information, guidelines for ramp design and specifications, plus the listing of the breeds designated as Ramp, Table, and/or Ground breeds can be found on the link below:

NOTE: For complete regulations pertaining to the use of the Ramp and Table refer to Dogs Australia Regulations Part 5.7
Summary of the Dogs Australia Special Board Meeting 17 June 2023 held via Zoom – Attachment

🔸️ Rules, information, ramp building guidelines, table of Ramp, Table, and Ground breeds can be found HERE > 

🔸️ Ref: Dogs Australia ramp/table/ground regulations: Dogs Australia Regulations Part 5, Clause 2.7 Use of Ramps/Tables 

PLEASE NOTE: It has been drawn to Dogs Australia’s attention that the Shar Pei has been incorrectly listed as a “Ground” dog in the Ramp/Table/Ground Breeds Listing. This appears to have occurred as it is listed as the Chinese Shar Pei in the American Kennel Club’s listing of “ramp” breeds not the Shar Pei.

This notice is to advise that the Executive Committee of Dogs Australia has exercised its power under Section 34A.4 of the Constitution to determine that the Shar Pei shall be a “ramp” breed.

The list on the Dogs Australia will be amended in the near future and this change shall apply from 1 January 2024 along with the implementation of the relevant regulation. (30/11/2023)